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Laziness and Procrastination

Everyone have these feelings within them (even I am included).  Both of these feelings are what usually hinders the productivity of what we do. Laziness is not having the will to do something and usually ended up doing nothing. Procrastination

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Market Acceptance Test

I have just read a book that gives an excellent idea on how to test  your product before launching to the market. After reading and thinking about it, for everything that you are selling, it ought to have a certain value

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Marketing is Sales? or Sales is Marketing?

Most often when you are scouring looking for a job, you often found that there are a lot of marketing positions and you thought “hey, the job seems interesting. I guess I could try it out.”. After several interviews and

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Radical Vs. Accumulative Change

Optimizing is something we usually do to either the process, flow or even existing products that we have created. Optimizing means that we are changing it for a better result. But how do we implement the changes? Is it by

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