Social Pressure

I have just recently watched a video from TED where Alex Laskey is using the social pressure to make help people change for a better good. He told us about a survey where a graduate student go from home to home to ask people to conserve energy using various ads like Save Money, Save Environment, etc etc. In the end, the result of the survey is that none of the people do the things that the graduate student is asking them to.

Then the graduate student do another survey by using social pressure to ask people to conserve the energy. The graduate student compare how their neighbors are doing better than they are in conserving the energy. The end result is really amazing where almost all of  the households that he visited try to conserve the energy.

From the story, we can see that social pressure plays a greater role compared to financial saving and others. This may seem a little bit manipulating but this is how our society works and people tend to care on how other people are doing it. The social pressure plays a gigantic role in our daily life and what we do.


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