Marketing is Sales? or Sales is Marketing?

Most often when you are scouring looking for a job, you often found that there are a lot of marketing positions and you thought “hey, the job seems interesting. I guess I could try it out.”. After several interviews and questions to the interviewee, you started to realize that the job is actually for sales not marketing.

Nowadays, most people perceived marketing as the same as sales (at least in my country it is). People often thought of combining these 2 parts as the same. While in fact, it isn’t and the content for each part is far from identical. The perception of marketing and sales have been biased so far that most people perceived it as the same thing.

Marketing is the act of letting people know about your product, brand or services. Marketing doesn’t have any relation whatsoever in closing a deal or making profits. Marketing is trying to let people know how well you can provide a good value for your customers and why should they choose you instead of other competitors.

Whilst Sales is the act of making a sell for the company. What sales is trying to do is offering the products or services for the customers to pay for. In order for the company to make a profit, the sales must do their work well and close the deal. Approaching the customers and closing the deal is what the Sales team are there for.

So in conclusion, the difference of Marketing and Sales is that Marketing is the part where you try to brand your products and letting people know about it. While Sales is the part where you try to close a deal and make a profit out of it.

Hope this helps.


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