Steganography message

I just made a message in using the steganography method. After trying and trying, I realized that making hidden message is not as simple as it seems. I had a couple of ideas regarding on how to hide the message but it seems that I always gets stuck in the process. After struggling for a bit, I finally managed to make a hidden message which is “Mogok Kuliah Senin” 😀

Although my effort to make it seems not obvious seems to be far than expectation 😦
Anyway, the original message “Mogok Kuliah Senin” is within this message:

May 15, 2005.

Hill Randay being pushed aside to a police biding.

The chances that Hill is proven guilty has become more and more vague especially after the new evidence that shows he is in the room with the victim. He is lawyering up after being pressured by the authorities regarding the case that he involved. The plot begins to thicken out. Things are starting to get interesting despite the pilot episode of the serial. Hopefully things started to get better or else I have wasted a lot of my bandwidth to get the serial XD

George Depo

Btw, the idea to create this kind of method comes from watching serial movies. Seems like watching a lot of serial movies has its own payout 😀
So for those who also like to watch serials, keep it going I’m sure you can find something useful 😛


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