The Power of the New Era Media – Facebook

I have just finished watching some documentary by BBC concerning the rebellion about the rebellion in Arab Spring and how surprised I am finding out that in this era there is still so many dictatorship that goes around unapprehended.

Seeing the documentary made me realize how powerful media and information to the whole world. In the Arab Spring, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain they have been controlling the media. They only let the outside see what they wanted them to see. But in fact, the people in each and every country is in great turmoil. They have been repressed and ignored by their own government.

In each story, every rebellion uses Facebook as their media for communication. Why they use Facebook? Because Facebook is the only media that the government doesn’t censor. Every other media is being censored and if they ever find out that a meeting has been scheduled, they will be waiting for them. Facebook is not being censored because the government thought that this is only a social media and no harm can be done through the social media.

Using the internet and Facebook, they managed to get a video of how the government acted in dictatorship and posted the video before the internet managed to be blocked by the government. After it has been released to the internet, this helps them to gather people and tell neighbouring countries that they are doing a rebellion against dictatorship.

Somehow after seeing this documentary, I realized that media is a powerful tool. As our way of communication evolves, the media also evolves. In the era where Facebook connects a lot people, we can tell other people about what’s happening whether it is a good information or not. Hopefully this article may shed some insight.


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