I have just recently watched a movie called “Cyberbully”. It is one of the movies released by “abc family” so it won’t go to any theatre’s such as Transformers or Harry Potter 🙂

Well, through this movie I recently discovered that social network has been used by people to bully other (which is why it is called cyberbully). This poses a serious problems especially to juveniles who are in their growing state. To me maybe this seems a little over dramatic but maybe not to them (juveniles) who are growing in the era where internet can give you everything.

So, this is how they bully people in the social network. Realize it or not, internet is a public area where everyone can see everything that you post including your personal information. But not everything that you create in the internet is the real one. Sometimes they create a new account just to mess around with other people. The way that they mess around is they spread false rumors which is quite wrong. Maybe I can give an example: “I have been sleeping with him/her and he/she gave me an STD”. This kind of rumor spreads really fast especially in high school. The kid will be embarrassed and depressed from time to time. The bully will not stop at that point, they will keep writing things that tend to be wrong and supressing even in the real life, they will keep attacking with false accusations.

I guess that’s all about cyber-bullying. Actually this is just a reminder of how public internet can be and sometimes what you write can bully other people (even when you doesn’t realize it). Be careful for what you write and remember that internet is a public area where anybody can come and the person sometimes is not who you really think they are. Ciao 😀


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