Doing what you love !

Hi, this is kinda my first time doing blog so I feel kinda uneasy with this kinda thing. So let’s get this thing started 😀

Well I have just recently read a few articles showing that great and successful person doesn’t need to study in a college to be successful. Heck, they don’t even need a degree to be able to become who they are now. Let me show you some kind of example :

  • Bill Gates – Drop Out (Windows Inventor)
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Drop Out (Facebook Inventor)
  • Steve Jobs – Drop Out (Apple Inventor)
  • Larry Ellison – Drop Out *TWICE !!!!* (Oracle Inventor)
  • Robert T Kiyosaki – Only graduated from marine school
See ? These people even gave speeches to college students when they don’t graduate from college themselves. In each of their speeches, they always emphasizes on who you want to be, what would you like to do and be creative !!!
Does this mean that we don’t need to go to college ? From one the episodes from The Simpsons, they even take it up as a topic for their episodes. This shows that this issue has turn out to be rather deep and complicated than just it looks. People are starting to ask wether we need to go to college, HECK, do we even need to go to school ?
What can I gather from the articles and speeches that I read, college is a place to learn how to be creative, learn about new things, learn about something that you already know. But if you never know what you wanted to be, what would you like to do or even know anything at all, then when you’re considering for dropping out, be prepared to face the world on your own.
Well, maybe I’m just stating the facts here but from what I could gather, they (Bill, Steve, Mark ,etc) knew what they would like to do and reaching where they are now doesn’t take a leap but lots of it. Usually people only see the outer looks of who they are right now but what about what happened before they become who they are now ?
Let’s take Mr.Steve here as an example. He drops of from Reeds University not because he wanted to but instead because his family couldn’t afford to pay for his tuition. After he drops out from the univ, he doesn’t leave immediately. Instead, he stays there for another 18 months. Hell, what did he do ? He only attends  classes that he took interest in. He even took classes that doesn’t have anything prospective to him but just because he like it one of them is calligraphy. Later on, after 10 years has passed, Mr.Steve realized that the calligraphy class that he took was useful. What is it for ? Well, the art of calligraphy was being used in the Mackintosh design. That’s why it has a different view and approach from Windows.
From the story of Mr.Steve, we can conclude 2 point.
  • We won’t know what will be prospective and useful for us in the future until we need it later on. We can only learn and act on it without knowing the usefulness.
  • Although he doesn’t get his degree, but he still continued on doing what he loves, taking classes that only interests him.
Hardwork and determination is also needed. Although Steve Jobs is the one who invented and established Apple, but there was a time where he was cut out from Apple itself. Although he fell into desperation, he doesn’t give up and then next started Pixar Animation which made the Toy Story and NeXT (which was bought by Apple). After the purchase by Apple, he then returned to Apple as who he became right now.
In conclusion, this story doesn’t and never have showed that education is not something unimportant. But instead, it is the place where you can learn and be creative. The most important thing that I would like to emphasize is that what we need to do is doing what we love most.
~ Darwin ~

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5 comments on “Doing what you love !
  1. nice story
    by the way… PERTAMAX

  2. hell01324 says:

    mau DO juga win ?

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